Coaching & Counselling


Life Coach:
It involves helping individuals to improve their lives by doing challenging or worthwhile things & helps you to clarify your goals, identify the hurdles holding you back, and then come up with arrangements for overcoming each hurdle.
Dr. Rekha Rathi is a Certified Associate Power Coach (APC) from Coaching and Leadership International (CLI), Canada, with expertise in Power Coaching with Mind – Kinetics.


Family Counselor:
Being a Family Counselor I Observe how people interact within units. Evaluate and resolve relationship problems. Diagnose and treat psychological disorders within a family context. It is an ideal counseling method for helping family members adjust to an immediate family member struggling with an addiction, medical issue or mental health diagnosis.

Business Counselor:
We work with a client’s business in order to identify problems and improve performance and analyze information such as budget data, performance expectations and personnel evaluations to determine the source of a problem and assess areas for improvement and make companies better by assessing weaknesses and recommending solutions

Career Counseling:

In Career Counseling Sessions We help individuals make primed career choices and help them define their career lines to build up the success in their chosen careers.
A plan is develop according to the need to improve individual’s current career and provide advice about
entering a new profession.