Assisting Employee Plan (AEP)

The Assisting Employee Plan (AEP) is an initiative of your employer to provide you and fellow employees with confidential counseling, coaching and support for workplace and personal issues. AEP is made up of 8 streams of care. You can find out more here:

Manager Assist
Coaching and advice to assist with a variety of people management issues and develop your leadership competencies.

Career Assist
Career development and planning, resume and job seeking assistance, interview skills, vocational counseling.

Conflict Assist
Strategies, tools and coaching to deal with difficult workplace and personal situations.

Nutrition and Lifestyle Assist
Specialist advice across nutrition, sleep, resilience, mindfulness, addictive behaviours , retirement planning and positive lifestyle changes.

Money Assist
Money management services to help you work through financial wellbeing concerns.

Family Assist
Counseling for family members needing support across personal and/or lifestyle concerns.

Legal Assist
Up to 2 sessions of expert legal support and advice across family law,
tenancy/renting, real estate, consumer disputes and more.

Employee Assist
Support and counseling for a broad range of personal and work related issues.

How does AEP counseling work?

The AEP service involves you speaking with an AEP Counselor either face-to-face, over the telephone or via the internet. People based in remote work locations frequently use the phone and internet counseling services for coaching and support. AEP is available 24 hours, 7 days per week year round. Scheduled appointments generally occur during business hours. Telephone counseling and emergency support is available after hours 24/7. Your first session with an AEP Consultant generally lasts about one hour. During this time you will talk about the key issues that brought you to AEP. Talking to a Consultant can help you to identify and resolve issues that may be causing you difficulty. It is possible you may be feeling stressed or overwhelmed with work or personal commitments and sometimes it is hard to know what to do or who to talk to, particularly about concerns you would like to keep private.

What do people talk about with AEP?

Magic Creative Consultancy AEP Counselors can assist with any of the following issues:
• Anger and violence
• Bullying, harassment and abuse
• Career transitions
• Coping with change
• Dealing with a crisis
• Depression, anxiety, worry and phobias
• Down-sizing and redundancies
• Eating and weight issues
• Emotional difficulties
• Family conflict
• Gambling, drug, alcohol and other addictions
• Grief, bereavement and loss
• Interpersonal conflict at work
• Loneliness
• Managing heavy workloads
• Marital and relationship issues
• Mental health issues
• Motivation and self esteem

Is Magic Creative Consultancy AEP counseling service confidential?

Yes. Confidentiality and privacy are important at Magic Creative Consultancy. When you see a Magic Creative Consultancy AEP Consultant, no details of your issues will be discussed with anyone without your permission. Magic Creative Consultancy does provide periodical reports to your organization’s management that do not identify any individual information.

Who will be my AEP Consultant be?

All Magic Creative Consultancy AEP Counselors are qualified professionals with extensive experience in their specialty areas. Our team of specialists includes registered psychologists, social workers, specialist counselors career coaches, vocational counselors, HR specialists, management coaches, financial counselors, and lifestyle and nutrition coaches.